A last minute invite from Angela, my friend who’s a talented photographer, to a jazz festival got a definite yes from me because she used the magic word- FREE! If you’re in London and would like to delve into the crazy riddims of modern jazz- you’ve got to check out the Canary Wharf Jazz Festival. Yesterday was the opening night and it continues until Sunday.

Femi Temowo kicked off the festival last night with his soulful music that had people dancing in front of the stage. His jazz is influenced with Afrobeat and the reaction of the crowd reminded me of a Lagbaja concert in Lagos, everyone was tapping their feet, singing along or dancing in the warm London sun.

As the sun set, amongst the tall pillars of Canada Square Park, Ska Cubano took the stage and beckoned everyone to come forward and prepare themselves for all the dancing that was to follow. It was amazing! Ska Cubano’s music is a fusion of Jamaican ska and Cuban music to glorious effect. By the end of the night everyone had learnt the one-leg dance of front man Beny Billy and when to shout ‘tequila!’ in the chorus of his song called, you guessed it, ‘tequila!’ Go if you can, you won’t regret it!