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Tyler Bastian met an incredible man, Agustin, five years ago. This encounter led to the decision to make a film about Agustin’s life with Trevor Hill and Tim Skousen. Their brilliant short, Everything is Incredible, has left me eagerly awaiting the release of their feature length film on Agustin’s life.

It appears I am not alone, his touching fifty year journey to realise an impossible dream of building a helicopter has captured the hearts of thousands of people around the world. Here, I share with you a chat I had with director, Tyler Bastian.

The Wonder Why were you in Honduras in 2007?

Tyler Bastian I was in Honduras on a mission for my church when I first met Agustin.

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Here is a band that you have to hear to believe it. From left to right, Ahmad Dayes, Kareem Dayes, Yussef Dayes and Wayne Francis are United Vibrations. On their debut album Galaxies Not Ghettos they created a hip swaying mix of ska, jazz and funk. They put on an insane show, that you really have to see to believe it! With Fela Kuti and and Bob Marley being but two of their influences musically and socially, this creative foursome do more than your average band. They are on their way to building sustainable, carbon-negative housing in London.

It was a pleasure having a chat with them before they recently performed at the New Cross Inn.

The Wonder– so how did you all meet?

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January was a crazy cold month and it was all the better for getting to hear the soulful electro heat from new duo, Face + Heel. Hailing from Cardiff, Luke and Sinead have taken the live electro music scene on an ethereal journey I do not want to end. I am honoured that The Blog of Wonder has their first ever interview:

The Wonder– hi Luke! how are ya?

Luke Taylor– hi! I’m well thanks. how’re you?

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To continue the theme of NEW!!(!) this new year, I bring you rising musician Mwen Rukandema. Mwen has been a feature on the Leeds music scene, playing drums in several bands and most prominently with drum and bass band Hayashi. She had a great three year run with them, playing at Leeds Festival and supporting Pendulum. After a recent move to London, she has continued to see success, drumming in the band Polaroid 85 as well as producing, writing and singing her own music. Her single, Bones has been getting airplay on BBC Radio and it looks like there’s more success on the London horizon.

The Wonder- yay! this is happening!

Mwen- Indeed it is!

TW- so Mwen, have you always wanted to be a super producer/writer/singer/drummer since you were a little girl?

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Merry Christmasssss! Because you’ve all been so good this year, here’s an early present. Last week I paid a visit to the UK’s only Lego certified practitioner, Duncan Titmarsh at his studio. His company Bright Bricks built the 38ft tree you see here and can have a closer look of at St. Pancras station. It was great meeting someone who has such a fun job and kindly answered all my questions, such as:

The Wonder– How many Lego bricks are in this room right now?

Duncan Titmarsh– Erm, with my storage room as well…not far from a million, or just over. Haven’t counted them all!

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Tom, Ludo, Ben and Jacqui are Shed Muzak. A self-declared ‘factory of funk’,  Shed Muzak is based in Sydney and I’ve loved them ever since I stumbled on one of their amazing covers. They do fun, quirky things to pop music your ears will totally be in favour of. Once we figured out the logistics of being online simultaneously (oh time difference you jokah), I had a chat with the lovely Jacqui. They’ve got a bright future ahead of them, with an EP of original songs in the works!  Just in time to stop fans like myself continually hitting that repeat button.

The Wonder: hi Jacqui!

Jacqui: hi!

J: yay we’re online at the same time! where are you?

TW: I am actually in England, near London. It is nearly 7 in the morning on Thursday!

J: oh really!!! wow. that’s cool

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This year, Angela Dennis won first place in the International Photography Awards in the still life category for the above photo. When not shooting her personal work, she also assists for renowned photographer Andy Barter. (I must mention that she is also very good at suggesting awesome nights out in London.) In what free time she has left, Angela very kindly agreed to spend some of her Sunday answering my questions about the world of flash.

The Wonder: Angela!!

Angela Dennis: Hellooooooo!

TW: how are you?

AD: I’m good thanks, just enjoying a lazy quiet Sunday.

TW: i love Sundays

TW: so are you ready for your interview?!

AD: ready ready

TW: ok!

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I’ve been busy and neglectful, but I’m here to make amends, sharing how Dave Pimm is making it in the film world after uni. (Ah, I can always rely on Skype to give good chat)

Dave Pimm: Heyy, how’s it going?

The Wonder : hello! right on time!

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Thomas James Brown, or just Tom to me, has done something amazing. He’s written a novel titled  Hell’s Water where he delves into the horrors of drinking in Southampton. Have a sip of Brown’s insight into uni life in this interview.

The Wonder: hello! how are you?

Thomas James Brown: hey! I’m good, cheers, yourself?

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Gideon Conn hails from the great city of Manchester and and he was recently in London for a few gigs. In between his performances he was cool enough to meet with the blog of wonder for a chat and some wine in a cave aka Gordon’s Wine Bar. Let’s see how we got on shall we?

The Wonder– Hi Gideon!

Gideon Conn– Hi!

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