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The trailer itself is a movie. I am very eagerly anticipating the release of the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur, especially after the disappointment of On the Road.

Written and directed by Michael Polish, the film stars his fiancée Kate Bosworth, Josh Lucas and Balthazar Getty. Set to premiere in a matter of days at Sundance, I wonder if it’ll be any good?


Yo! It’s Day 6 of the BFI London Film Festival! Things are really heating up onscreen in London Town to distract us all from the piercing gusts that signal the start of winter. We’ve already had the charismatic French siren Marion Cotillard’s screen talk about her upcoming  romance, Rust and Bone and there is more to come.

Tickets are still available to some events and there are amazing exhibitions all about film at the BFI. Shane Meadow’s This Is England will be screened for the first time with with a live score from composer Ludovico Einaudi and musician Gavin Clark. One not to miss if you can!

If you weren’t able to secure the more exclusive tickets to the Festival, don’t despair! Here is a list of all the amazing films that are on show during this time and if you click on the name, there’s info on where you can watch them. So find yourself a warm cinema, lots of popcorn and a lucky friend- there are good films ahead!

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In 2007, when they met Agustin in Honduras, producers and directors Tyler Bastian, Trevor Hill and Tim Skousen knew they wanted to make a film about him. Disabled by polio from birth and living in poverty has not deterred Agustin from his dream of one day taking flight.

For more than fifty years, he has been building a helicopter from wood, bicycle parts and metal scraps. His long journey to complete this complicated machine with no schooling  has many locals questioning his sanity and has made him a celebrity. But it is his spirit and determination to one day take to the skies that makes this short film incredible.

You can sponsor Agustin here, to help him finish building his helicopter!

There is a certain road that I walk everyday. On this road is a homeless woman selling The Big Issue. What should I do?

Le Havre is a film directed by Aki Kaurismaki about an aging shoe shiner who takes in an African boy who has come over to France in a cargo ship. Kaurismaki, who also wrote the film, tackles in a simple and thought-provoking story what happens when a sad statistic becomes a personal reality. In this case, the fact is thousands of immigrants a year land in port cities such as le Havre in search of a better life.

Beautiful cinematography highlights the touching acting by André Wilms and Blondin Miguel in his film debut as the immigrant. Le Havre was rightly commended with the FIPRESCI Prize when it debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. Kaurismaki has declared this will be the first in a trilogy about life in port cities. It is a long wait before we get to see what he uncovers next.

Until then, I am determined to somehow get Monica a better job or at least get to know her.

Le Havre is on limited release in the UK.



I hold great hopes for this film:

* one of the greatest twentieth century American novels.

* directed by Motorcycle’s Diaries’ Walter Salles.

* starring Garrett Hedlund, rising star of Tron: Legacy and a favourite since Four Brothers


(I am choosing to ignore the wooden one, aka Kristen Stewart)


Channel 4 has announced it’s shedding Skins from its Monday night line-up. In its sixth and now final season this ground-breaking show had teenagers centre stage, no longer in the sidelines of whatever their parents were up to.

Over the years the BAFTA winning casts have been cool, angry, drug-taking, beautiful specimens, including the gorgeous Nicholas Hoult and Luke Pasqualino. Skins launched the careers of Kaya Rose Humphrey and Slumdog Millionnaire star Dev Patel as well as series creator Jamie Brittain who was only 19 when the show started in 2007.

Ratings have taken a significant downturn having with this season garnering the show’s worst premiere of only 524,000 viewers. The story lines may just not be as shocking as they used to be and the cyclical changing of the cast has taken its toll.  Personally, I still haven’t gotten over the brutal way Freddie was bludgeoned to death in the fourth season.

For upset fans out there don’t fret, they’re ending things with a bang. Look forward to three two- hour episodes to wrap things up nicely, with the required reunion of some of the old gang. I would not object to Freddie somehow coming back from the dead. Just putting it out there.

Just in case you didn’t get it from the title- I’m keeping my promise. It’s the day after Valentine’s and if comme moi your day did not confirm your status as a Disney Princess (or Prince), this will cheer you right up!

There’s nothing better than a hit French comedy to give you that awww feeling- Valentine’s Day or not. In Untouchable (or Intouchables) two diametrically opposed characters played by Omar Sy and François Cluzet, form an unlikely pair in this funny and heart-warming tale of friendship. They realise they are able to transcend anything, be it disability, economic circumstance or personal fears. Untouchable is the universal fairy tale.

Untouchable’s release date in the UK is TBC

A new year is the perfect time to explore new musical shores! I have been a fan of Sigur Ros for a loooong time, but what other music does Iceland have to offer you ask? In 2011, a group of filmmakers went on their way to answer this question and their discoveries of fun, weird, and quietly brilliant musicians is what I bring to you now…as we go…Beyond Sigur Ros.


(I really must visit this beautiful country, I mean, look at that (probably) un-Photoshopped photo!!)


I’ve been 23 for 5 days now and I’ll say this, it grows on you. It’s an inbetween age and I am very happy with being inbetween. What I’m saying is don’t expect me to have it all figured out by now (give me at least a few more decades). Charlize Theron seems to be having some serious age and aging issues in her new film Young Adult.

Theron plays Mavis Gary, an author of a fairly successful series of young adult novels living in the Mini Apple or Minneapolis. We soon come to learn that her thought patterns and ideas of the world haven’t developed much since she was a young adult herself. Things get super awkward when she finds out her old high school sweetheart has had a baby so she returns to her hometown to steal him back. Despite his new father status and the wedding ring on his finger, Mavis believes they are destined to be together. She’s definitely not going to listen to reason from her new friend Matt, played by the comedian Patton Oswalt, who was the high school outcast.

Diablo Cody penned this unconventional black comedy so be expecting some insightful moments and witty dialogue. Paired with Oscar winning Theron, Young Adult challenges the convention that the audience has to like the protagonist or that there’ll be a happy ending. You’ll have to let me know if she at least stops wearing that Hello Kitty t-shirt.


Young Adult will be released in the UK on 3 February. 

As promised, here are the showings for Urbanized in the UK! It will be on tonight in Bristol and for those in London, it will be shown at the Barbican from 16-23 of December.

Let me know how it goes if you see it!