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It’s a new year!

I’m the girl frontin in the back to this.



The days are getting shorter and after an intense summer of sun, singing and lots of fun, it’s time to get down to business! I have missed you guys and I have so much to share so get snuggled in because i’m baaaaack!


You are loved.

I always have typically hip hop reactions to Hurting by Friendly Fires. Y’know the ones: awww shi…let the beat drop, and it don’t stop, etc.

Really good tune for spring.

Happy New Year! Let’s see what 2012 has in store, shall we?!

It’s chilly but…isn’t that exciting? There’s an anticipation in the air for Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday and the ideas I’ve got in mind for this `ere blog.

Walks in the park produce great shots like the one above and gives me a reason apart from Glasto to get out the wellies.

For days when I refuse to go outdoors, I just pretend Willie Nelson and Norah Jones are singing to me. Wrap up warm guys!

Letting the music speak for the crazy times we’re living in.




Why, hello there dear reader. It’s been a while. To set things, off- a Semisonic classic.