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It’s a new year!

I’m the girl frontin in the back to this.


A new year is the perfect time to explore new musical shores! I have been a fan of Sigur Ros for a loooong time, but what other music does Iceland have to offer you ask? In 2011, a group of filmmakers went on their way to answer this question and their discoveries of fun, weird, and quietly brilliant musicians is what I bring to you now…as we go…Beyond Sigur Ros.


(I really must visit this beautiful country, I mean, look at that (probably) un-Photoshopped photo!!)


Happy New Year! Let’s see what 2012 has in store, shall we?!

It’s chilly but…isn’t that exciting? There’s an anticipation in the air for Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday and the ideas I’ve got in mind for this `ere blog.

Walks in the park produce great shots like the one above and gives me a reason apart from Glasto to get out the wellies.

For days when I refuse to go outdoors, I just pretend Willie Nelson and Norah Jones are singing to me. Wrap up warm guys!

Why, hello there dear reader. It’s been a while. To set things, off- a Semisonic classic.