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Tyler Bastian met an incredible man, Agustin, five years ago. This encounter led to the decision to make a film about Agustin’s life with Trevor Hill and Tim Skousen. Their brilliant short, Everything is Incredible, has left me eagerly awaiting the release of their feature length film on Agustin’s life.

It appears I am not alone, his touching fifty year journey to realise an impossible dream of building a helicopter has captured the hearts of thousands of people around the world. Here, I share with you a chat I had with director, Tyler Bastian.

The Wonder Why were you in Honduras in 2007?

Tyler Bastian I was in Honduras on a mission for my church when I first met Agustin.

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At the Media Workshop on Thursday was the launch party for the exhibition Free Time. It’s simple, but I can’t think of a better title. With the free time volunteers had, they went to different locations to photograph other volunteers who were in turn giving up their free time for a cause.

The photos below are the fruits of labour of the Media Workshop staff and volunteers. (If you are in Southampton on a Thursday, I recommend you pop in and have a gander at the rest of the photos, they really are amazing). What are the fruits of your free time? It’s a wonder what can be done with a few hours sacrificed and team work. I am so proud of us!

Drumroll pleassseee! It’s the first interview! This is the first of hopefully many to come and it’s with the impassioned Matthew Quinnsley. There were some technical difficulties with the Skype but we got there in the end! Here’s Matt talking about his wonder.

Matthew Quinn: hey

The Wonder: hello! how are you?

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