The Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, one of my favourite small galleries in London has an upcoming exhibition I am very excited about. Titled Curators’ Choice I believe it will be one their most revealing yet.

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Alex Flemming, Mapa-Da-Mina, 33 x 33 cm, 2010

It is an intriguing concept: invite five respected curators to each select a contemporary artist whose work they would like to exhibit. Anne Ellegood, Thea Herold, Tereza de Arruda, Tamsin Dillon and Schreier have curated exhibitions over six continents, either collectively or in solo exhibitions and now they’ll be working together in London.

Their choice of artists and are equally diverse. Exhibiting are artists Anna Barham, Clem Crosby, Alex Flemming, Anton Henning and Scott Olson. Painting, anagrams and portraiture will all feature in this exciting exhibition alongside each other which will make for a fascinating sight.

The revealing aspect of the exhibition will come from the curators. What is it that draws a curator to a particular artist’s work? This exhibition gives us the chance to explore the relationship between the curator and the artist. I’ll be seeing you there!

Private viewing of Curators’ Choice on Thursday 24 January, 6-8pm. Open to the public 25 January- 2 March at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London.