Today The Leano releases their fourth album, Postcards From Nowhere. Two years in the making, on this album you will learn all about what the captivating pair Arji Manuelpillai and Ben Moore hold true and dear. Fifteen songs of joy and contemplation take the listener on a five year journey into the future, as music intertwines postcards sent to a former address.

After ten years together, The Leano have mastered a style that is fresh, blending hip-hop, rap and folk.  On this long awaited album, they question who is concerned for more than a second about the tragedies of modern British life on Another Passes the Blame. Brother is an uplifting one, with The Leano stretching out his hands to his brother in need.

If you’d like to hear more, the album launch party is next week! On Saturday 24th November, they will be supported by one of my favourites, Gideon Conn and Gecko. You can buy tickets here.

Be quick, there aren’t many left for what promises to be an awesome party!