‘What’s in that?’

‘Whisky and tabasco, sounds awesome!’

‘Three, fireballs pleasssse!’

That’s how to start a night right. Or, back at a friend’s apartment with pre-drinks and ‘how are yous?’ to those who’ve come round straight from work. Spirits were way high because we were off to YoYo at Notting Hill Arts Club! Every Thursday night, at only £5 entry before 11pm, you are guaranteed the sickest grime, rnb and hip hop to dance away to til the early hours. Resident DJs Seb Chew and Leo Greenslade had this arty crowd singing and grinding away to a little bit of Drake, a little bit of ASAP Rocky and a whole lot from the live band.

At the apartment glasses were empty and everyone was doing the pat down to make sure their ID was easily reachable. Make sure you have yours or there’ll be no stamp on that hand! This is one night not to be missed. We leave and queue while having intellectual conversation about amongst other things, how come guys with names starting with J are always hot? A twenty-first century contemplation of mystery Lewis Mumford would encourage.

Inside, the club was packed but it took two seconds of waiting before we were at the bar thanking the bartender for our fireballs- they really hit you! After that it was onwards to the dance floor! The night was young with so much dancing to be done.

YoYo is happening tomorrow at the Notting Hill Arts Club. It’s guest list only, so get on it. (Here’s the how-to for a fireball shot)