Channel 4 has announced it’s shedding Skins from its Monday night line-up. In its sixth and now final season this ground-breaking show had teenagers centre stage, no longer in the sidelines of whatever their parents were up to.

Over the years the BAFTA winning casts have been cool, angry, drug-taking, beautiful specimens, including the gorgeous Nicholas Hoult and Luke Pasqualino. Skins launched the careers of Kaya Rose Humphrey and Slumdog Millionnaire star Dev Patel as well as series creator Jamie Brittain who was only 19 when the show started in 2007.

Ratings have taken a significant downturn having with this season garnering the show’s worst premiere of only 524,000 viewers. The story lines may just not be as shocking as they used to be and the cyclical changing of the cast has taken its toll.  Personally, I still haven’t gotten over the brutal way Freddie was bludgeoned to death in the fourth season.

For upset fans out there don’t fret, they’re ending things with a bang. Look forward to three two- hour episodes to wrap things up nicely, with the required reunion of some of the old gang. I would not object to Freddie somehow coming back from the dead. Just putting it out there.