I’ve been dreaming of summer since the last of the snow melted and high street stores began teasing me with all their summer wear that is too cold to wear. Although, I will take those espadrilles in pink, blue and cream, thank you very much.

This is where Alicia Bock comes in. When I look at her photos I can feel the scorch of the summer sun on my back and hear the sound of an approaching ice-cream truck. In her own words, Bock’s photography is ‘the search of light and shadows, pretty things in pink, the feeling of the ocean, and a blue moon’. Growing up in Michigan and Florida surrounded by water and colour has greatly influenced her work.

Hurry up already, summer! I want to rock my espadrilles!


You can see more of Alicia Bock’s work on her website

(I am aware that my last few posts have been largely oestrogen filled so, I promise the next one will feature some manly manliness (maybe some abs and flexing) ).