I’ve been 23 for 5 days now and I’ll say this, it grows on you. It’s an inbetween age and I am very happy with being inbetween. What I’m saying is don’t expect me to have it all figured out by now (give me at least a few more decades). Charlize Theron seems to be having some serious age and aging issues in her new film Young Adult.

Theron plays Mavis Gary, an author of a fairly successful series of young adult novels living in the Mini Apple or Minneapolis. We soon come to learn that her thought patterns and ideas of the world haven’t developed much since she was a young adult herself. Things get super awkward when she finds out her old high school sweetheart has had a baby so she returns to her hometown to steal him back. Despite his new father status and the wedding ring on his finger, Mavis believes they are destined to be together. She’s definitely not going to listen to reason from her new friend Matt, played by the comedian Patton Oswalt, who was the high school outcast.

Diablo Cody penned this unconventional black comedy so be expecting some insightful moments and witty dialogue. Paired with Oscar winning Theron, Young Adult challenges the convention that the audience has to like the protagonist or that there’ll be a happy ending. You’ll have to let me know if she at least stops wearing that Hello Kitty t-shirt.


Young Adult will be released in the UK on 3 February.