Amy Winehouse’s third album Lioness: Hidden Treasures was released yesterday. I have been waiting four years for this album and it is finally here (I just wish Amy was here too). It is stunning, as expected. It’s strange listening to an artist’s posthumous work- every track can be seen to have a double meaning.

The first track, Our Day Will Come, has an eternal hope in it. A sweet song from heaven? Maybe. Like Smoke, which has been floating around on Youtube for a while, features the lyrical mastery of Nasty Nas, a great collaboration. There are original versions of Tears Dry On Their Own and Wake Up Alone, which are well worth a listen. I think I’ve found my 2012 summer track with The Girl From Ipanema, I could always rely on Amy for those. In Body and Soul, Tony Bennett and Amy’s voices complement each other beautifully.

This is not a normal album, it is doubtful this is exactly how Amy would have wanted it to be released. In light of this, it cannot be judged as such, or even compared too much to her previous albums. I’m just grateful there’s more Amy left for the world.