Work of Art:The Next Great Artist  is my weekly recommended dose of reality television. (I very luckily did not develop a taste for Jersey Shore or X Factor). It follows the basic structure of most reality competitions: contestants face a weekly challenge, each one harder than the last, each leading to the final gigantic cash prize. It’s the modern day fairy tale.

Here, fourteen up-and-coming artists go up against each other for a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum and $100, 000 cash prize. Their judges are the business, Bill Powers is co-owner of Half Gallery in New York and Jerry Saltz is the senior art critic for the New York Times. Art auctioneer Simon de Pury adds French class and world wide renown to the mix as the well-meaning mentor.

But apart from the well-placed credentials, why do I like this version of the fairy tale? It’s about the art! These artists are all talented in their own disciplines, be it photography, sculpture or film and they must produce an original piece each week inspired by anything from pop art to parkour. Yes, this show is that cool.There is a scope of interpretation that excites me- artists are encouraged to be limitless with their imagination.

You can feel arty and cultured here.