You all know how I feel about Ryan Gosling (if you missed my gushing, here’s the post explaining why it is I gush) and September seems to be the month of Gosling because he’s got two films coming out!

First up is a funny one, Crazy, Stupid, Love. Gosling is Jacob a lothario who feels sorry for Steve Carell’s character, Cal, who has never been anywhere near lothario status. When Cal’s wife Emily (played by the lovely Julianne Moore) has an affair, it’s Jacob who feels sorry enough for him to remind him where he left his manhood. Lots of comedic scenes follow with Cal undergoing the required makeover and trying to make some moves with the ladies. A comedy from Ryan is a blip in a career where he mainly plays tortured souls, so I’ll be enjoying this for sure when it comes out in cinemas on the 23rd.

Gosling goes back to his roots with Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive.  A Hollywood stunt man who has a part-time job as a getaway driver is just as intriguing as it sounds. Refn stoked the intrigue of this one earlier in the year when he released this stunning clip below-

I’ll be heading down to the cinema for this one, Refn was awarded Best Director at Cannes for it. I like his idea of the driver as mythological hero, the saviour through sacrifice. There’s a first time for everything, even seeing two films at the cinema on the same day, with the same lead. Yep, Drive is also out on the 23rd.