To start with, the photos of Edward Burtynsky are awe-inspiring. Over the last decade Burtynsky has travelled to developing countries and shot beautiful landscapes. But these landscapes are not classically beautiful, they may even be thought of as unappealing. In the documentary Manufactured Landscapes, we are able to see with the clear focus I believe only a photographer has, the effects of economic change in China and India. Photographs of factory workers, mountains of metal scrap and seemingly bottomless gorges that have been excavated for materials to make our irons lluminate these changes.

The juxtaposition of the natural and manufactured landscape brings forth a range of emotions from the viewer: shock, anger and disbelief. Our environment and landscapes are being affected by globalisation and this documentary suggests that we have to find a new method of discourse that is more developed than the polemic ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Your eyes and your emotions will both be touched by this inspiring documentary. Below is a preview and you can watch it in full here.