I can only give a fan’s tribute to Amy Winehouse. I heard of her passing yesterday at a train station and my shout of horror was only masked by a passing train. We have lost one of the greatest artists of this generation. Songs from her critically acclaimed debut Frank, never fail in getting me in a good mood. Take the Box and In My Bed were my go-to tracks for that summer feeling that sticks to you all day.

Her follow up and now last album, Back to Black  gave Winehouse worldwide fame and more Grammy Awards than her little body could carry. This album was darker and the depth of her pain in these songs were just extraordinary to listen to.  You couldn’t help but be moved. Rehab, Tears Dry On Their Own and Wake Up Alone are unforgettable tracks like no-one had ever done before her. I only wish her pain would have evaporated as soon as she put down the microphone. Instead, it held her prisoner as did the drugs and alcohol she used to escape it. But I believe she is at peace now.

For me, Love is A Losing Game was Winehouse at her best. The lyrics are succinct, powerful and true. And that voice! Her performance at the 2007 Mercury Prize was divine. Her humble murmur of ‘thank you’ afterwards is the sweetest. I am saddened there will never be more of this.

I can only give a fan’s tribute to Amy Winehouse, but Russell Brand has given a friend’s heart felt tribute. R.I.P. Amy.