I love strong women. I think we need more of them on TV and in music because that’s where people seem to look for their idols these days. There is a misconception, however, that to be a strong woman you have to be like a man. Not only Jessie J in her video Do It Like A Dude, but Beyoncé took this route with If I Were A Boy as did Ciara with her track, Like A Boy.

What we are seeing here is the effect of feminism. To put it very simply, women were told that raising a family and taking care of the home was a form of slavery. A career outside of the home was shown through media to be the means of self-fulfillment for a woman. (This is what is taught in most women’s studies and gender studies classes.)

If the instinctual roles of mother and wife are to be emancipated from where does that leave men? They are seen as the enemy who have enslaved women. In Jessie J’s video she and other women are ‘doing it like dudes’. They are aggressive, acting and dressing similarly to men. She is proclaiming she doesn’t need a man but she does this while dancing seductively. This message is confusing to me so I can’t imagine how men must feel!

I don’t think a reversal of roles is the way for women to be treated with dignity and respect by men. And if women are acting like men are men now meant to be women? (Some would argue that this is already the case with the rise of the effeminate man.)

But what is the solution to this? I believe men should be men and women should be women- and of course women should have careers if they wish.

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