I have wanted to go to a Lauryn Hill gig for say 6 years now. A Hill gig is just about as elusive as her next album, you hear rumours but nothing ever materialises. Her debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill just about changed my life. It showed that a female MC could write, sing and rap with the best of them. I miss her honesty.

The success of Hill’s debut was highlighted this week with the news that Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday is now the second highest selling debut for a female MC.¬† After 12 years, Miseducation is still on top, selling over 423,000 records in its first week of release. To be honest, I am not a Minaj fan and I believe the similarities between these two end at this statistic (I am however, willing to hear a case for Minaj’s skills if you have one).

The thing about Hill is she doesn’t try to be one of the guys. Instead, she celebrates the beauty of being a woman and a mother. This is why To Zion is one of my favourite tracks on the album: