1.2 million. That’s the amount people who watched last night’s premiere of The Family on Channel 4. There we were, the Sanusi family watching the Adesina family and how they live their lives. It was strange and cool all at the same time. I am surprised by the largely positive portrayal of this Nigerian family because to be honest there are few programmes about Nigeria or Nigerians that have veered away from the usual defamation.

Case in point, Louis Theroux’s Law and Disorder in Lagos had me storming out of the room, well, ok, I just changed the channel and watched Friends instead. Before that there was Welcome to Lagos which had Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka reeling. Speaking to The Guardian, he laments on the ‘reductionist’ and ‘condescending’ view of the city I love and his points were valid.

And this is what works about The Family –someone has finally listened to Soyinka and other dissatisfied viewers out there. We may just get a ‘proper look’ at Nigerians in the diaspora or at least a different view. It’s early days yet but I can’t wait for the next episode!