I wrote yesterday about the impact of advertising on women and it got me thinking about the impact of all art forms, be it advertising, film, theatre and finally music videos. I have grown increasingly dissatisfied with music videos and their narrow sexualised portrayal of women, so I tend to not watch music channels.

There is nothing wrong with women being viewed as objects of sexual desire in music videos. The problem comes from the fact women are largely viewed as nothing more than this. Their intellect, creativity, humour, spirituality is largely underrepresented.

Sut Jhally’s documentary Dreamworlds, looks at the story contemporary videos tell of gender and women in particular. It is truly illuminating and unveiled the underlying reasons for my dissatisfaction with MTV and other guilty parties. Alanis Morissette’s cover of My Humps above is an oldie but a goodie because of how weird the lyrics sound when stripped down. And it’s pretty funny.

Here’s Alanis again showing how music videos used to look. What happened?