Leave it to Art & Copy to make me fall in love with advertising again. Like the prodigal daughter who fled the nest when I felt like assaulting the Go Compare man, I have returned to see advertising as an art form once more. Directed by documentary maverick Doug Pray, Art & Copy delves into the creative minds of advertising revolutionaries who gave us the ad campaigns Just Do It, Got Milk and Think Small.

For the first time for many of us we get to meet the people behind the ads such as George Lois, Lee Clow and Phyllis Robinson and boy are they are a fascinating lot. In a series of interviews, they passionately explain what separates good advertising from the bad.  ‘Advertising should be revolutionary and subversive’ and ‘it must start from a universal truth.’ There’s something to be gained when an ad surprises, amuses and makes you think. Now, if that’s the kind of advertising you want to make, Just Do It.