Let’s talk about sex. That’s what writer and director John Cameron Mitchell does in his 2006 film, Shortbus. The lives of a group of New Yorkers are intertwined as they visit a short bus or ‘a salon for the gifted and challenged’. There’s the gay couple, Jamie and Jamie, sex counsellor Sofia, who’s ironically having problems in the bedroom with husband Rob, lonely dominatrix Severin and others who meet to talk about sex, have sex and try to connect.

New York is also a main character in this film. Young people visit ‘because 9/11 was the first real thing to happen to them’. New York and consequently Shortbus, are melting pots where the weird, ‘gifted and challenged’ can find a home in each other. My commentary comes with a warning because Mitchell’s film contains explicit sexual content and honesty about what really goes on in relationships. Nothing is hidden and nothing is taken away. This inclusion of all the facets of our humanity leaves you feeling joyous, sad, amused and most importantly hopeful. I think you should watch it.