I’ve got to thank Tash for putting me on this one. Miss Bank$ is ‘soooo you’, she said. She knows me well!  Bank$ is a 19 year old powerhouse MC straight out of Harlem, New York. She spits about sex, money, light skinned girls and whatever. I love her sassiness! How sassy, you say? A characteristic rhyme: ‘If it aint about a dolla/imma holla at you l8r’. Yeah. And she’s usually more X-rated.

Bank$ is from the cultural hub that is Harlem, home to some very talented individuals: Dipset, Juelz Santana, Immortal Technique, etc. Harlem influences the worlds of music, food, art and fashion. In the video below she did for Nike Sportswear, Bank$ shows us around the streets that bore and inspired her, hanging out on a basketball court and spitting with other rappers on a corner (I want to hear more from this hilarious rapper, ‘im fresh, just like my Nikes/ Is that your girlfriend? Yeah I think she like me’). She’s been signed to Klash City Records and I know her album will be insane when it’s released. Until then there’s her Myspace.