This is when I fell for the actress Marion Cotillard:

This is when i fell for the person:

My reaction to her work is the same as Ryan Gosling’s- I have to watch all of it. Her sensitive portrayal of French icon Edith Piaf rightfully earned her an Oscar for Best Actress in 2008. So engrossed did she get in the character of Piaf that she had to have counselling after filming wrapped because she couldn’t let her go. Not saying that was a good thing, but Cotillard is clearly not afraid to reach into the depths of her characters and bring her discoveries to the screen. The intensity and talent of this French actress has made her hot property in Hollywood, with remarkable roles in Nine and the blockbuster of the summer Inception.

The self-destructive painful Piaf in the first clip seems utterly different from the adorable and funny Cotillard in the second clip. This disparity is fascinating to me, so I’ll keep watching.