Fela! is coming to London! I am so excited about this, I’ve been hearing only great things about this Tony award winning production for years now. For those of us who haven’t had the time to head to New York, Fela! the musical will be heading to the National Theatre in November…and did I mention I’m excited?!

The timing of this production about a Nigerian national treasure seems apt. I have been thinking about Nigeria a lot since she celebrated her 50th anniversary of independence on October 1st. How to sum up my thoughts on Nigeria? I am both proud and disappointed, missing her yet happy to be away. My thoughts have been conflicting and inconclusive. Fela Kuti was one of the best at expressing mixed feelings about Nigeria. He was a revolutionary, attacking the corrupt leaders of the time and the impact of colonialism on Nigerians:

But he also sang about Nigeria’s great potential. He was so sure that this potential would be realised by Nigerians such as himself who were not afraid to speak up and act up when the situation called for it. He is an inspiration not just for Nigerians or Africans, but anyone who believes freedom is worth fighting for.

A Fela classic: