I realised when watching this clip from Ryan Gosling’s new film Blue Valentine that I have seen every film he has been in. I started thinking what it is about him I like so much and I think I’ve figured it out. Obviously, he’s gorgeous, I’ll admit that! But also, there is an honesty in his acting that I keep gravitating to. There is an ease and intensity to the way he delivers his lines and gestures which makes each role he plays spectacular.

When you watch one of his interviews, you can see why he’s such a good actor; he has a great understanding of every character he plays. He’s also without pretense which is refreshing. Below is such an interview, with Ryan and Derek Cianfrance, the director of Blue Valentine, discussing the film at Sundance this year where it was hailed as the one to watch.

Ryan makes an interesting comment about the audience responding, as I have done, to honesty in film which can come from an improvised way of filming. Gosling is completely right. I believe when watching a film,  ‘you just know when it’s real’ and you respond to it. They also delve into the impact of reality tv on the film industry and the strange disillusionment of leaving the cinema and returning to normal life. It’s pretty funny too.