Kanye West has been getting a lot of stick since the whole Taylor Swift VMA thing. (In case you somehow managed to miss the media hoopla, Kanye stormed the stage in 2009 when Taylor was awarded Best Female Video, proclaiming it should have gone to Beyoncé). Thankfully, this was a year ago and I’m happy that we can all move on to talk about just how talented Kanye is.

He is the epitome of the slash generation, directing/producing/rapping, he does it all. There is an excitement and drive to get out his ideas any way he can, without sacrificing quality or originality. Such an endeavour is inspiring.

Undoubtedly, Kanye has many people divided, even before he scared Taylor. But when he stands breathless after his incredible performance above, look into his eyes; you can see just how much he puts himself out there and more importantly how much he loves it.